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Written by Rawley Nath

In the beginning......

The Lawn Boyz” officially started in 1994. Although it really began a few years before that (we can't quite decide when it actually became a “business”), 1994 was the year we started “The Lawn Boyz” bank account so that is the date we can all, at least, agree upon.

Like most kids, we were looking to make a little extra money in the summers, so we began mowing a few yards in our neighborhood. Before we knew it, we were getting calls to mow yards in other neighborhoods and “The Lawn Boyz” was born. Our early customers started referring to the three of us as “The Lawn Boys” and the name just stuck. At the ages of 13, 11, and 8, adding the Z just seemed too cool not to do, so Rawley, Joel and Tyler Nath became “The Lawn Boyz”. We started with one 21 inch mower, a trimmer, a blower and parents who spent their Saturdays driving us from yard to yard and waiting for us to finish our new jobs. Luckily, our parents were willing and able to help with “The Lawn Boyz” business until I was old enough to drive to the jobs myself.

Since 1994.....

We now have many mowers, trimmers and blowers, but we have never forgotten our humble beginnings. Tyler and I still run the day to day operations and are on site for almost every aspect of our business. We try to operate “The Lawn Boyz” in the same polite, friendly and professional manner we learned by starting this company at such a young age.

Tyler is just finishing his degree at the University of Nebraska in horticulture with a minor in landscape design. He is scheduled to graduate in 2013.

I received my degree in marketing from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2006.

Joel has several degrees in finance and banking and is currently working for a large local credit union. Though he no longer works for "The Lawn Boyz", he is very involved in the business, behind the scenes, helping with business and financial decisions, and even coming out to get dirty with us every once in awhile.

Be a part of the story.....

This is just a bit of our story, but this business has been a huge part of our lives for just about as long as we can remember. We love working outside and we love helping people with their yard care and landscaping needs. Feel free to contact us anytime.....I am sure we can help you out.

Services We Offer

The Lawn Boyz offer the following Omaha Lawn Care services for our Commercial and Residential Customers:

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