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Why Hire The Lawn Boyz?

1. Convenience

  • The beauty of a well manicured lawn without the hours of work pushing a lawn mower around and fighting with a weed trimmer. What is an afternoon of your time worth?
  • More time to devote to your job and family and never have to worry about bare spots, weeds or pests in your lawn again.
  • No worry about whether your equipment will be ready to use, how the weather affects your schedule or what the correct product and timing is for applying fertilizers and/or pesticides.

 2. Affordability

  • Often times, it is less expensive to have us handle your lawn care service because we have all of the necessary equipment and knowledge to work efficiently and reduce waste.
  • No need to purchase and maintain, or rent, specialty lawn care equipment needed to properly care for your lawn.
  • Your home is your biggest investment.  A professionally manicured yard will greatly contribute to your home's curb appeal and assure that your investment is protected and will grow in value.
  • Payment plans are available to help you budget your lawn care service needs.

3. Effectiveness

  • Maintaining a beautiful lawn takes a lot of knowledge, and that’s not always easy to acquire. Knowing when to do specific lawn care jobs isn’t easy, and skipping needed care can ruin a lawn.
  • We know exactly how to use the products needed to treat your lawn, reducing the risks of damage to your lawn, your health and the environment due to improper use and handling of chemicals.
  • We work on a schedule that optimizes our ability to properly care for your yard. Grass looks its best when it is cut regularly, and at the right height with sharp mower blades.

Services We Offer

The Lawn Boyz offer the following Omaha Lawn Care services for our Commercial and Residential Customers:

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